Building a hotel from scratch: how much investment

Do you dream of becoming a hotelier and opening your own business? Dreams need to be realized! But how much money do you need to invest to get your own hotel? We counted everything for you.

What do the amounts depend on?

The cost of investment directly depends on the size of the hotel and its category. For example, to build a 5* hotel, you need at least 30 million rubles. You also need to take into account that the location of the future hotel should be located in the city center, and square meters in this area are constantly growing in price.

Plus, a hotel is a commercial property that costs more to rent and maintain than a residential property. The money goes to search for premises, rent, repairs, furniture, appliances, salaries, etc. If you decide to build a building from scratch, then multiply the amount several times. For beginners, the best option is a mini-hotel with up to 25 rooms.
Building a hotel from scratch: how much investment

Designing a hotel

If you more or less own such amounts, then you can safely start designing a hotel.
You need to complete the following steps:

Search for a site to build a hotel or search for a building to renovate. At this stage, you need to estimate the cost of the site and the construction of real estate.

Connection of communications, registration of documents, approval.

Concept development. To do this, we are preparing the overall architectural and design concept of the hotel. Then we think about the content — what service, what services will be in it. Prescribe a business plan. At this stage, usually up to 10 million rubles are already spent.

Calculation of the planned yield. For this purpose, the source data is taken — the number of rooms, the average cost of a day, additional services, etc.

Building construction and repairs. The cost of engineering structures can be up to 40% of the total cost.

Equipment. We have already told you what you can save on when completing the hotel. Its cost depends on the level of the hotel. usually, an investment project does not require more than 500 thousand rubles. But here you need to understand that everything depends on the star rating of the hotel. For example, on average, one room in a 3* hotel costs up to 400 thousand rubles.

The design of the business. You need to register a business. For a mini-hotel, a regular sole proprietor is suitable, and for a large hotel holding — LLC.

Search and training of personnel. For a mini-hotel, 3 administrators, a Manager, and 2 maids are enough, while the rest of the departments can be outsourced.

Opening of the hotel. To help guests find you, place information about the hotel on Booking and other booking systems. Then, you can develop a blog in social networks and promote your personal hotel website.

How can I open a hotel for less money?

It turns out that the hotel needs an investment of at least 30 million rubles? But the travel company is ready to create a hotel from scratch on a turnkey basis from 15 million rubles.

We find the room for you, make all the plans and work out strategies, carry out repairs, buy furniture, promote the hotel, and help you manage it if you want. Our management company has already successfully managed 22 hotels in Saint Petersburg. our professionals know how to create profitability and increase hotel occupancy.

If you want to create passive income and invest in apartment hotels, then contact us.
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