Creating a business plan for the hotel

The hotel industry is one of the most popular and profitable in the world. Even despite the quarantine, crisis and other difficulties, hotels continue to operate and make a profit. If you also decided to become a hotel owner or decided to buy a ready-made business hotel, then first you need to make a business plan.

Where to start?

First of all, decide exactly on the concept of the institution and the format. Will it be a hostel, an apartment hotel or a Motel? After that, you should roughly understand how much money you are willing to invest in the business.

For example, with Travelto, you will need an investment of 16 million rubles or more to open a 10-room hotel in the heart of the city. For this amount, they will help you find a room, make repairs, and provide accounting and legal assistance at all stages.

Next, go to the production and financial plan of the hotel.

Production plan

The production plan includes information about the required production capacity, needs for fixed production assets, volumes of raw materials, energy, and labor resources..

For example, a hotel has 10 rooms:

  • 1 Suite
  • 2 single rooms
  • 7 double rooms

In addition, the hotel can have a restaurant, Spa complex, gym, etc.
In the production plan, you also need to specify the cost of furniture and repairs. At the planning stage, you need to clearly specify what the numbers will be. At the same time, do not forget about Standards.
Creating a business plan for the hotel

Financial plan

The financial plan fully reflects all expenses and possible income.

This includes:
  1. Rent;
  2. Salaries and insurance deductions;
  3. Credit payments;
  4. Marketing and advertising;
  5. Expendable material;
  6. Depreciation;
  7. Additional expenditure.

As a result, even before starting a business, you will understand how much and where you need money.

But at the same time the entrepreneur also reflects the possible income and payback conditions in financial terms:

1. Revenue in the first month of operation;
2. Revenue in the first quarter;
3. Net profit for each period;

Based on all the data, the break-even point is calculated, the payback period, and in general, you can understand whether the hotel will be cost-effective.

When you buy a hotel, you can see all these indicators from the reports submitted by the owner.

On average, the hotel pays for 8 years, bringing a yield of 12% per annum. By putting the hotel under management in the Management Company, these indicators can be improved.
For example, hotels in the Travelto chain pay off in an average of 6 years, and the yield exceeds 15%. in addition, with the help of the management system, the hotel can be turned into a source of passive income.
Creating a business plan for the hotel

Organizational plan

In the business plan, we also specify which organizational form you choose.

For a hotel with a large number of rooms, you need to register an LLC, and for a mini-hotel, an individual entrepreneur with a simplified tax system is suitable.

The Organizational plan also includes all hotel staff and salaries.

For a mini-hotel, the following is sufficient:
  • Administrator - 3 people;
  • Manager - 1 person;
  • Maid - 2 people.

Accounting, security, and equipment can be outsourced

Marketing plan

The hotel industry has a number of features in the promotion of services. Marketing strategies should also be reflected in the business plan.

Channels are effective:
  1. Advertising on the Internet - through your own website and social networks, contextual advertising, etc.
  2. Promotion via OTA.
  3. Advertising in media and magazines.
  4. Cooperation with travel agencies.
  5. Outdoor advertising-banners and signs still benefit hotels.

Opening of the hotel

From the date of drawing up the plan to the opening of the hotel, it may take several years, the optimal indicator is six months. It is during this period that you can complete all the stages of opening the hotel.

  1. Developing a business plan
  2. Business registration
  3. Search for a suitable room
  4. Repairs
  5. Installation of ventilation systems, fire alarm systems and air conditioners
  6. Purchase of furniture and household appliances
  7. Getting all permits from government agencies
  8. Selection and training of necessary employees
  9. Organization of an advertising campaign
  10. Opening of the hotel

Drawing up a business plan is a simple task. It is much more difficult to follow it and meet the deadline and budget. If opening a hotel from scratch on your own seems like a difficult task, you can contact the Travelto company, which will help you build a hotel not only in St. Petersburg, but also in another city.
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