Creating a WOW effect in a hotel

Do you want your hotel guests to say “wow, they are the best!”? Then work on creating a Wow effect. It is easy to implement it in any Department and in any form, whether it is a polite personalized greeting or a gift to a guest. The result will have a positive impact on the loyalty, rating and profit of the hotel. We will tell you how to create a Wow effect even for a mini-hotel.

What is a wow effect and how to create It

The wow effect is when the guest's expectations are exceeded by reality. Guests come to a regular standard hotel, but it has such "secrets “and” chips" that make guests happy and come back again and again.

To create and come up with such a highlight answer the following questions:

  • What is unique about your hotel that is not available elsewhere?
  • How can each Department create a Wow effect?
  • Is the service and guest service at the stages good enough?
  • Are there any distinctions in the service for VIP clients and budget guests?
  • Is there a system for motivating and rewarding employees for quality service?

After answering many questions, the hotelier can already assess the level of the hotel and choose the appropriate plans for the Wow effect.

In General, such anticipation of guests should be:

Is free.
Relate to the guest's situation (served on time and in the right place).
Unexpected ( do not say that coffee and flowers will be brought to your room every day, let it be a surprise).
Manageable (each employee must clearly follow their instructions, because for them, creating a Wow effect is not a surprise, but a responsibility).
In a timely manner (be guided by the season, weather, time, holidays, etc.)

When you have roughly planned and come up with what chips you can surprise the guest, then start to translate the Wow effect into reality.
Creating a WOW effect in a hotel

Step-by-step instructions: how to implement the wow effect

You need to take a few steps to implement the wow effect:

At this stage, managers and core staff should brainstorm to discuss the current service and options for improving it. Sketch out all the ideas for how you can please your guests.
Collect all requests and guest reviews. See what they're missing. Also answer the most frequently asked questions.

As a result, for each Department, you can define:

Wow service;
Service description;
Customer interaction;
Wow effect that will be performed from the service provided;

-The choice of effects.
The choice depends on the Department and the Manager's decision. You can create 1 effect for the entire hotel, but for more convincing, choose 1-2 effects for each Department.

For example, in the reception service, you can implement a non-standard check-in with a surprise. Treat your guests with fortune candies or additional products that you can buy directly from the reception. Souvenirs and standard household items, such as women's tights, are suitable for this purpose. Guests will be surprised, but this service will help someone at the right time.

In the Department of housekeeping, you can implement personalized cleaning. For example, if the maid noticed that a person sleeps on one side of the bed, then you can put towels on it in the following days. You can also surprise them with your attention to children. During cleaning, the maid can bring a toy, a child's chair or a potty to the room.

You can start your day with Breakfast in the restaurant. Just apply a stencil pattern to your coffee and wish you a good day. Surprise can be waiters who follow the schedule of guests. So, already in many hotels, waiters are interested in how the shopping/walk/party went, knowing that the guest was definitely there.

Even security guards can create a wow effect. After all, they are seen by guests at the entrance to the hotel. The security officers at the meeting of the newlyweds, for example, can greet them with flowers and champagne.

-Creating an effect.
When you have selected a Department and a specific service, start implementing it.

-Personnel training.
But without the competent work of employees, it will not be possible to achieve this effect. So pay attention to the training, the Manager also needs to monitor the implementation of services and weekly to report and evaluate the results.

Remember that the Wow effect can manifest itself in small things. From mini-hotels, guests rarely expect amazing service, so this is a chance for them to show the quality of service and turn guests into regular customers.
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