How the hotel industry is already changing

The pandemic has greatly affected the operation of hotels. New standards and rules have been implemented in hotels and will not go away soon. What exactly has changed in the hotel industry? Let's get this straight.


A smile for service workers is part of the uniform. Guests, indeed, pay attention to the sincere friendliness when meeting with the receptionist. But 2020 forced many workers to put on a medical mask or even a protective helmet.
How the hotel industry is already changing


Due to the fact that masks are required to be worn not only by employees, but also by guests, administrators may have problems remembering guests. And to check passports and other documents, you still need to lower the mask, so as not to stumble upon a fake.

Contactless payment

It is proven that the virus lives on banknotes for quite a long time, so many hotels have already switched to contactless payment only, so as not to take any more risks. Payment can be made through a terminal, and a person can pay through a phone, watch, or even rings for a long time.


Employees note that their number has decreased. But in fact, guests can safely leave tips on the card or transfer to please the employees. It has become much easier to do this, just transfer the tip to the administrator or waiter personally by phone number.

Phone call

They notice that they have become more frequent. People look at booking options on the booking Page, and then call the hotel to find out about the restrictions and opening hours of the establishment. If you train your staff correctly, you can take customers to direct booking, so as not to pay a Commission to a third-party Agency.

The guests ' questions

There are more of them in the hotel. Visitors are interested in the situation in the city, learn about the restrictions and rules. And in General, many tourists miss communication and are in a hurry to ask any question to the hotel employee.

Maids in the first place

Now their duties also include disinfection of the entire room. Employees use new tools, and they also work in protective clothing and masks.

Minimalism in the rooms

Many hotels have already abandoned various parts and "dust collectors" in the rooms, so as not to force a person to touch anything once again. This minimalism is also convenient for housekeepers, they spend less time cleaning the premises, but carefully ventilate and disinfect the rooms.


Hotels are advised to refuse paper reviews. It is much easier to send the guest an online questionnaire, where they will quickly write a review. Some establishments use QR codes, scanning which leads a person to a page with reviews or other questions.


Both staff and guests show empathy for each other, realizing that the working hours have changed. Now you need a little more time for cleaning, paperwork, checking the temperature of each guest. Therefore, it is not necessary for either side to stress and start conflict situations.

Over time, the antiseptic on the counter and the masked staff will no longer cause any questions, and changes will continue to occur. It is important for guests to understand that they are taken care of, so each hotel must comply with all the new rules of Rospotrebnadzor.
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