How to increase hotel download using Digital Marketing

Online marketing is a powerful tool for improving hotel performance. Creating the hotel's image, increasing brand loyalty, and increasing sales — Digital marketing can handle all of this.

Studying the target audience

Before you start promoting and advertising a hotel, you need to study your target audience. To do this, you need to answer the questions:

  • Who is our client?
  • What is important to them?
  • Why do they come to us?
  • When do they buy our product?

When we answer the questions, we can offer them a solution to their pain. After that, we can build a product-client Matrix, WHICH will help us understand what the product gives to each group to the client. And after that, we build a unique concept that will help you increase your load.

For example, if the hotel has a "conference room rental" service, then various groups can use it — Event agencies, coaches, business coaches, etc. Accordingly, we build a separate offer for this service.
Digital Marketing for hotels

How to develop the perfect offer

After all the target groups of customers are identified, their pain and reasons for buying are studied, the ideal hotel offer and advertising company are developed.

Do not forget about the decision-making factors:

  • Service
  • Price
  • Geography

This information may not be enough to develop a USP, so you need to collect additional information about our competitors. You can analyze the overall leaders in any field and analyze what they are better at.

After that, we will clearly know what to sell and for whom.

When we work through the USP, we use two strategies:
  1. Cost reduction
  2. Providing additional value to our customers
You need to understand that customers will not pay more money if they do not see the OBVIOUS advantages of the hotel.

When we have formed our offer, we can build a system for attracting customers.
How to develop the perfect offer

The system of attracting customers

By this we mean creating a hotel website.

The selling landing page should be built on the principle of:

  • 4U (use, uniqueness, specification, urgency — this applies to titles and offers, for example, Hurry up there are only 2 numbers left at a reduced price).
  • AIDA (building a site by blocks, based on the principle: attention, interest, desire, action).

On the first screen of the site, you need to give the consumer a lead magnet-something that will attract attention and make them contact us.

Reputation is very important for a hotel, so customers should see real photos, hotel conditions, and reviews from other tourists. If we have worked out the site correctly, then the load and demand for the hotel will increase instantly.

Where to promote a hotel

In addition to booking services, the hotel can use the following promotion channels:

  • Contextual advertising
  • Targeted advertising via social networks
  • Seo promotion
  • E-mail marketing
  • Advertising through bloggers
  • Advertising on Youtube

All these channels increase brand awareness and increase number loading.

Internet marketing trends for hotel business

  1. Content marketing. The hotel can also use the blog for its development. We have already told you what and how a hotel can write in its blog.
  2. The Use Of Big Data. This includes working with CRM systems to approach each client individually. This is the basic principle of Revenue management development.
  3. Marketing automation. Of course, more and more companies are switching to automation, now only 30% use this property, and this indicator will grow in the future.
  4. Mobile marketing. Large hotel chains have been using their mobile apps for a long time. with their help, a guest can open a room, manage equipment in the hotel, view information of interest, etc. Mobile marketing is one of the top 3 factors that affect sales. Therefore, all sites and advertising companies must be configured on mobile devices.
  5. SMM. Social networks have every chance to become the most important sales platform. Instagram, Tiktok, and Youtube are actively developing.special attention should be Paid to promotion through opinion Leaders and personal brand.
All these trends show results, so hoteliers need to study and use each sales channel.

For example, at Travelto, we use Internet marketing, focusing on the organization's personal brand and media content. Our apartment hotels have a loyal customer base and a high load, which is formed, among other things, because our Management company focuses on all these trends and tools.
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