How to use word of mouth for a hotel

Even in the era of Digital communication, recommendations and word of mouth are an effective way to sell. For a hotel, this tool is very important, because people do not want to book a "pig in a poke", they need recommendations, reviews, preferably with confirmation in the form of photos. The hotel business is a service sector where special attention should be paid to the quality of services provided, since there are still no objective standards for evaluating the comfort and atmosphere in a hotel.

Is it possible to manage word of mouth?

It works like this: a person bought a service, a person evaluated the service, and a person told others. It is very difficult to influence people to recommend the hotel to their friends, this process is almost uncontrolled.

According to statistics, 90% of people tend to trust brands that have already been used by a reputable person for them.

In addition to word of mouth, there is such a phenomenon as social proof. The difference is that this review uses the experience of other people, while word of mouth uses only friends.

Managing social proof is much easier:

  • Add reviews of real guests to your site, social networks, and any platform.
  • Encourage user-generated content. It is possible to carry out the action "Discount for a review" or give a bonus to guests who recommend your hotel. Working with bloggers and influencers. Most often, people trust their opinion.
  • Work with a blogger can be built on a barter system - he lives for free, and in return makes you content and recommends a hotel on his page. Or invite a famous blogger to your hotel for money, this format is suitable for large blogs and reputable stars.
But are there ways to influence word-of-mouth recommendations from ordinary people?
How to use word of mouth for a hotel

How to make word of mouth work?

The hotel has only one rule to be in demand - to meet the status and provide quality services.

To do this, we can give 5 tips:

1. Stand out!

Use an unusual concept, format, or design to stand out from the competition. Travelto hotels, for example, have become the most recognizable apartment hotels in St. Petersburg. We are one of the first to provide not just classic rooms for tourists, but entire studios with their own kitchen and bathroom. Due to this, we were able to stand out in the market and even during the quarantine, our load was higher than the average for the city.

2. Create occasions for discussion.

We use our media and awareness, participate in various exhibitions, festivals, and meetings. This is what they say about us in the media, and our Youtube channel is constantly growing in subscribers.
Hotel Travelto
3. Do more for your company.

You can use the principle of "diversity of the menu in the restaurant", when the chef prepares not 3 dishes, but 4. Give your consumers a choice. This applies to everything - separate room categories, enter additional services, so you will be remembered and recommended. At Travelto, we are scaling our business. We are no longer just hoteliers, but also teachers for investors, hotel managers and franchisors. Revenue is no longer just made up of room bookings. Therefore, we are spoken about in different layers, and word of mouth works for different target audiences.

4. Run promotions to get people to recommend you.

Many companies use the "bring a friend and get a discount" principle. The same offer can be used not only in taxis and cafes, but also in hotels.

5. Use the social network.

A contest for the best selfie under a hashtag or a repost of entries from your guests is what will make the system talk about you. Come up with a unique feature and use it for promotion in social networks.

If you want to use all our advantages and tools for promotion, we recommend that you join the Travelto franchise. Working with us is a transparent business with constant support and assistance. A hotel in the franchise will reduce the payback period, increase profits and reduce advertising costs, as we are already talked about and trusted.
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