How to work with regular hotel guests

Regular customers are the most valuable guests for the hotel. They have already chosen you as a permanent place to visit, so it is very profitable for the hotel to make each guest a loyal customer.

Why are regular customers important?

They are an indicator that the hotel is working successfully. People will not return to places where administrators are constantly rude, maids do not take out the garbage, and spoiled milk is served for Breakfast. And during a low season or crisis, these people can save the hotel, especially if they rent rooms for a long time.

Guests carry the following advantages for the hotel:

  • Steady income.
  • They are the source of word of mouth.
  • Improve the reputation of the hotel.
  • They can give "feedback".

Feedback is important for the hotel's reputation, as the management staff needs to be able to handle criticism and suggestions. If dissatisfied new guests immediately seek to Express everything in a written review, lowering your site in the search, then regular guests are more likely to Express everything to you personally. And it's nice to work with such criticism and correct your mistakes.

Especially large hotels even invite regular customers to visit them to test the new service.

How do you properly build work with such important clients?
How to work with regular hotel guests

How to keep loyal guests?

  1. Make them VIPs. Each person would like to get an individual approach. So it is also necessary to introduce this to the guests. Send them personalized suggestions, ask for trivia and details from their trip to please them even more next time.
  2. Study them. At the best resorts, the staff has long known everything about their client. If the guest went to the exhibition, the administrator may ask about the paintings when they meet. If a guest once chose a dish in a restaurant, let the waiter ask if they want to try it again the second time. This will have a positive effect on the guest's attitude towards the hotel staff.
  3. Chat with your guests online. Take full advantage of e-mail marketing opportunities. But even in this case, each newsletter must be intended strictly for a specific guest. Emails should not impose hotel services, but can gently inform you about them.
  4. Fulfill their promises. If you promised a guest a discount, do it. If you promised a birthday present, do it. You can not give guests promises that are not agreed with the authorities, otherwise the guest may be disappointed in the work of the hotel
  5. Don't leave them. If a customer calls you to book a room and you don't have any available seats, then try to offer them an alternative — other dates, a chain hotel, or a room of a different category with a discount. If overbooking is still brewing, try to help the guest with recommendations on where to stay.

And one more rule — do not praise these guests too highly. You need to take care of each of your clients, not just the regular ones. You need to develop loyalty among all guests so that they also become connoisseurs of your hotel.
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