The nuances of advertising of the hotel

It is very difficult to build an online ad for a hotel. You need to clearly understand who the target audience of the hotel is, whether there is a unique sales offer that can be promoted, etc. You can evaluate the approximate result of advertising after 2-3 weeks. But, what are the nuances you need to consider when you run an ad?

The advertisement of the hotel on Yandex

Yandex advertising platforms are effective for attracting new customers. such advertising is cheaper than for search queries.

Only the largest hotels, franchise chains, and online booking agencies are promoted in search engines. The main advantage of Yandex advertising network — advertising comes to cold customers who have searched for similar requests, they will be converted to warm and transform into leads. Yan offers ads to target guests ' portraits.

But there is also a disadvantage — this channel can not be used for " hot " customers who want and are looking for a hotel today.

You can use search ads in the following cases:

  • Brand advertising — direct search by name.
  • Advertising a unique hotel-promote the UTP.
In General, you should focus on the Yan, but do not forget about search queries, use this tool as an auxiliary.
The nuances of advertising of the hotel

Yandex Direct or social networks

For a hotel, Yandex. Direct works better than advertising in social networks. Setting up a target on Instagram, Vkontakte, or Facebook is very difficult if there is no clearly defined target audience. From there, we only get cold traffic, which is not the fact that it becomes warm and hot.

Yandex Direct also attracts warm guests who have already been interested in the hotel and recreation before.

However, advertising in social networks should be used for image purposes. To do this, worry about:

  • high-Quality, advertising photos.
  • Selling text with a call.
  • Content marketing.
  • Building a personal brand.
  • Real reviews from guests.
Only after seeing all these factors, the client will pay attention and distinguish the hotel from others.

Low attendance of the site

If all advertising traffic is directed to the site, traffic will increase in 2-3 weeks. But don't get hung up on this indicator. The ultimate goal of an ad campaign is to get leads and armor. Set up a sales funnel, do retargeting, and return a customer who has been interested in your hotel at least once. For this purpose, e-mail marketing, content marketing, and a personal appeal to the client are used.

Don't forget that requests are processed by the staff. Train your employees to respond to reservations in do this, write scripts for conversations with the guest over the phone and by mail. Sometimes the administrator is able to hold and return a warm guest to complete their reservation.

Investing in advertising during a crisis is not a loss of money. While your competitors are sleeping, you can create a loyal customer base that will be ready to visit the hotel. In addition, now prices for advertising services are reduced, as advertising agencies are also undergoing a crisis.
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