Tips for apartment owners in crisis

In the hotel sector, the crisis came first. Many hotels have already closed or are on the verge of collapse. Travelto apartments successfully overcame the pandemic and kept loading. All this is thanks to our format and Management Company.We are ready to share tips for apartment owners.

What will help apartments in a crisis?

To maintain the business of apart-hotels, owners and hoteliers should:

Lower the rent.
If the hotel is in a rental format, talk to the landlord and review the rates. Many owners have stepped in and reduced the cost for the duration of the pandemic.

Switch to a long-term lease.
If the daily rent has ceased to generate revenue and provide loading, enter the rental rate for a month or more. Make discounts and special offers. Many local residents will benefit from renting a room with a bathroom and a kitchenette right in the city center near the metro.

Don't run ads.
While your competitors save money and go quiet, you actively advertise your apartment hotel. As a rule, many types of advertising become cheaper and more accessible during a crisis. If you know your target audience and are running a campaign for a specific campaign, then consider targeting them in social networks.

Try a new site for booking.
Booking takes a Commission from each reservation, and in a crisis you need to restrain your budget. Try out new booking platforms, increase outgoing requests, and increase direct bookings.
It makes sense to offer apartments on AirBnb, Daily, Avito, etc.
Tips for apartment owners in crisis

What mistakes should not be made

Some hoteliers made huge mistakes in management, which is why they did not survive the high season. Don't repeat these mistakes:

Dismissal of staff.
Yes, it makes sense to switch to piecework pay or review wage rates, but a complete reduction in staff is not the best idea.

Reckless discounts.
Cost and tariff management should be closely monitored even in a crisis. Think about promotions and adjust them to your guests. For example, a hotel with good service should understand that a double room can not be rented for 500 rubles, otherwise unscrupulous freeloaders will run in. Enter a neat policy with regular guests, otherwise they may demand to lower their rate.

To install best price in PTA.
Direct booking should always be more profitable for guests than on OTA. In addition, the hotel does not pay any Commission for direct booking.

Don't use automation, save on Channel Manager
Without automatic synchronization, it is difficult for a hotel to work in multiple booking systems and get more traffic and requests. Administrators will also not be able to control more than three channels manually. And it is important for guests to quickly confirm their reserva
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