What can the hotel fine you for?

Have you paid for a room and think that you will not be charged anything more? The hotel has the right to fine its guests if they violate any of the rules of accommodation. Let's take a closer look at what hotels most often charge money for.

Cancellation of a reservation

Each hotel forms the rules of reservation. They often require prepayment or full payment for the room. this amount can be refunded if you inform them about the cancellation in time. To find out the cancellation requirements, read the terms and conditions on Booking or another website. You can also try to contact the hotel directly and request a cancellation with or without a lower penalty.
What can the hotel fine you for?

Smoking in rooms or drinking alcoholic beverages in common areas

Hotels only comply with the decree of the administrative Code on the prohibition of Smoking in public places. The fine is set by the hotel itself, usually it is 1000-5000 rubles, and it is charged for each attempt to smoke. The hotel administrator must inform guests of these rules at the time of check-in, and if the hotel also prohibits Smoking on the street near the building, then this must also be told to the guests.
It's the same with alcohol. Guests can use it in their rooms, but not in the shared lobby or lobby. Violation of this rule can result in a fine or even eviction.

Violation of the rules of the buffet

Do you think you can take everything off the table without any problems? Many hotels are beginning to introduce a "clean plate" system, which means that at the end of the meal, the guest must have a clean plate, and all the food must be eaten. This rule is introduced to control overly greedy people. In Russia, the buffet system is not yet so actively developed, but Turkish resorts are already fining greedy guests.
In addition, taking food to the room can also be punished, but this is usually not so actively monitored.

Breaking the silence

Noise insulation is not always successful in all hotels. Usually, the walls in the rooms are thin, and guests can hear everything that happens in the neighbors. Remember about the "quiet hours", according to which it is forbidden to make noise after 21-22 hours until the morning. The hotel may issue a fine for non-compliance with internal order.

The loss of key

The smallest fine that a hotel can issue. As a rule, the cost of a key is up to 1000 rubles. The administration will learn about the loss either immediately from the guest, or at the time of eviction. Well, if the key is electronic, such a card is easy to overwrite, but if it is a regular key, then the hotel should always have duplicates for this case.
Do not hesitate to talk about the loss, some accommodation facilities do not take a penalty at all or get around the first warning.

Destruction of property

The amount of the fine depends on the damage. Usually, the hotel has prepared a price list, where hoteliers have the right to demand compensation for new purchases of items. Broken equipment is more expensive for a guest. But in order not to get into an awkward situation, check if all the electronics are working when you check in.
Sometimes the hotel requires you to leave a Deposit, which is returned after check-out. This is a guarantee that guests will behave carefully with other people's property. To ensure that the Deposit does not come as a surprise, please read the check-in rules carefully. Often the Deposit is taken only in cash, be prepared for this.

Illegal guests

The hotel does not have the right to accommodate any guests without documents. This is also done in order to control the number of people in the room. For example, if the three of you want to stay in a double room, you will have to pay for a cot, if this option is available. Children can be considered an exception. It is also illegal to conduct any guests at night. Responsible administrators know the guests by sight and can immediately calculate the extra guest.
These are the rules that all hotels try to maintain. Fines do not exist in order to earn additional funds, but in order to stop all violations. Remember that the hotel is a public opinion, you must respect other guests and not violate their borders.
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