Why should a hotelier study?

In our blog and on Youtube, we often talk about how important it is to invest in real estate. But you can also invest in another direction. There is nothing better than acquiring new useful knowledge!
Today, the most popular investment in real estate is the purchase of an apartment for rent. More and more people decide to take a mortgage on an apartment and assume to pay off the loan with the money earned for its lease. But there are nuances:
  • High prices,
  • Wasting your personal time searching for tenants,
  • You should consult a lawyer when making transactions,
  • Settlement of accounts with tenants,
  • Monitoring the degree of deterioration of the property, timely repairs and many more nuances that pop up directly in the process of leasing.

Who is a hotelier and what should he know?

Arthur Podrebennikov
A hotelier is an entrepreneur who runs a hotel business. A large hotel with 100 rooms, a cozy hostel or an apartment hotel-all this can be opened by a novice entrepreneur, but for this he must have the qualities:

  • Stress tolerance

  • Multitasking

  • Communication skills

  • Responsibility

  • Ability to control and manage people
Of course, you can't go far only on communication. Therefore, an entrepreneur needs to constantly learn and develop.

In our online school, we teach such important subjects in Finance, marketing and management. We offer a choice of several modules that will suit both novice hoteliers and advanced managers.

The advantage of learning is not only in online mode, which does not distract from the main work or study activities, but also in the balance of theory and practice that students receive.

After studying the entire direction, a novice hotelier, even without a specialized education, can create a hotel from scratch.

But if you don't want to manage your own hotel and start a business, then look at our hotel franchise.

What is a Travelto franchise and what advantages does it offer?

Franchise Travelto
A franchise is working under the name of a well-known brand, using established business schemes. The franchisor provides the hotel with an audit, assistance at all stages of rebranding, and advice at any time.

The hotel, entering into the franchise, receives the following advantages:

  1. Low entry threshold. Investment and contribution for an existing hotel - 780 thousand rubles. For this money, we will make design and repair to our standards.

  2. Promotion on all channels. Travelto has more than 100 online platforms.

  3. Guaranteed loading and revenue growth. Since the Travelto brand already has loyal customers, we ensure loading throughout the year, even in low season. Since the hotel's occupancy rate will always be high, this will increase the profit by at least 20%.

Management in this case can be organised by our company, which will deal with all administrative, economic and technical management. Our hotels have been working with a professional Management Company for more than 3 years.

In addition, the management company will provide recruitment and training of staff, quality control, advertising campaign and promotion of the hotel.

Working under the Travelto franchise with the help of our Management company is a long-term training for an entrepreneur. It is difficult for one person to control all the processes of the hotel at once, but you can simplify your life, and we will help you!
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